Feb 062008

When you’re working with SharePoint, never assume that simple operations are cheap. Recently I was programming against the Discussion list, and wanted to track how many threads were in the list. In the discussion list, the thread is implemented in as list items in the list.Folders property (which exposes list items of course… love that this property is called "folders"!). To populate my discussion list, I wrote a simple little console app that stuffed 10,000 threads and replies into the discussion list.

The method for adding lots of items looks like this: (NOTE: This sample only work for discussions!)

private static void AddLotsOfItems(SPList list, int count, int replycount)
    for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
        SPListItem discussion = SPUtility.CreateNewDiscussion(list.Items, i.ToString() + "– Item by Code");
        discussion[SPBuiltInFieldId.Body] = "all your base are belong to me.";

        for (int ii = 0; ii < replycount; ii++)
            SPListItem reply = SPUtility.CreateNewDiscussionReply(discussion);
            reply[SPBuiltInFieldId.Body] = "i know kung fu. " + ii;


I then noticed that accessing the property list.Folders.Count took a ridiculously long time with that much data. To solve this, I implemented a cache method that takes a delegate to read an object from the list and cache it. That method is below. Keep in mind however that this example caches the data globally, and user permissions could be different– so you’re going to want to modify this example for your own use. (Please, always write authorization aware code!)

public delegate object GetValue(SPList list);

public static object GetCachedListValue(SPList list, string cachePrefix, GetValue getValueDelegate)
    object listValue = null;
    if (HttpContext.Current == null || HttpContext.Current.Cache == null)
        return null;

        object[] cacheArray = null;
        var cache = HttpContext.Current.Cache;
        string cacheKey = cachePrefix + list.ID.ToString();
        object threadCountBlob = cache[cacheKey];

        // Just for sanity…
        const int valueIndex = 0;
        const int lastModIndex = 1;

        if (threadCountBlob != null)
                cacheArray = (object[])threadCountBlob;
                if (list.LastItemModifiedDate != (DateTime)cacheArray[lastModIndex])
                    // Reload the data!
                    cacheArray = null;
                    listValue = cacheArray[valueIndex];
            catch { cacheArray = null; }
        if (cacheArray == null)
            listValue = getValueDelegate(list);
            var cacheData = new object[] { listValue, list.LastItemModifiedDate };
            cache[cacheKey] = cacheData;
    return listValue;


With this in place, you can then use the following code to get the expensive data– which will be cheap after the first time. The call will be expensive on each first call after the data is updated– so you will want to factor in the frequency of the list update as well as the security of the data involved when using this.

int? count = (int?)GetCachedListValue(list, "folders,Count-",
      delegate(SPList thelist) { return thelist.Folders.Count; });

With this method, you can cache any value from the list. Using the list.LastItemModifiedDate with cache keys (including client and server caches!) can greatly improve your custom application’s performance.

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