Jul 262012

Just in time for SharePoint 2013 Preview development—the kind folks at Red Gate have released Reflector 7.6. If you write code for SharePoint, you need this tool!!!! For those new to Reflector: this is how we perform the black art of SharePoint development when the folks in Redmond aren’t willing to share with us, or when we just aren’t sure of what a given API really does. From Visual Studio you can choose the assemblies to debug, and Reflector creates PDBs so you can step through their code. (You will need therapy after seeing Microsoft code though…. It isn’t pretty.) My feature made it into the release—when you first fire up Reflector you’ll be asked to choose a set of default DLLs to load. If SharePoint is installed it will let you choose the SharePoint DLLs including Microsoft.SharePoint, Microsoft.Office.Server, Microsoft.Office.Server.Search, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client and Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfile dlls. This feature came from my product feedback—the Red Gate team listens to your feedback. This works with 2013 as well as 2010.

You can get the tool at http://www.reflector.net/.

DISCLAIMER: Red Gate has provided me with their tools for no charge, and I have been involved in product feedback which I also talk about.


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  1. I agree! Using Reflector to dig into the SharePoint DLLs is quite valuable as a SharePoint Developer. Over the years, I’ve ran into a couple of issues using the SharePoint DLLs which made a whole lot more sense after reading the code causing the problems. Makes it much easier to deal with the issues when you know what’s going on under the hood.

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