Jan 232007

ASP.NET Ajax Extensions (aka Atlas) have been released (finally!), and I’ve been saving up some code for the release which I’ll post shortly. (Get eh 1.0 RTM bits here: ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0)The SharePoint Ajax Toolkit is also ready for release and is available as a WSP (SharePoint Solution Package) here with some nifty new features, including a Solution Package based installer that allows FULL no-touch deployment and registers the Atlas httpHandlers, as well as a Refresh interval programmed into the XmlWebPart (a great solution for SharePoint list RSS feeds). Included is one web part, the Xml Web Part (with a default RSS reader XSLT which can be set to auto refresh), and the core framework for AJAX developers. The source code is recommended for SharePoint developers.

I’ve been privileged to be involved in the early adopter program, so I’m partly responsible for community adoption of Atlas to some very minor extent. This has been a HUGE benefit in helping us release code at RTM time based on the RTM bits. Atlas has been ridiculuously valuable for the success of several of my projects, including NewsGator Enterprise "Pluto".  Here are some of my projects based on Atlas:

The first commercial enterprise application built on ASP.NET Ajax RTM: 

The first commercial enterprise application built on ASP.NET Ajax RTM and MOSS 2007: 

The InfoWorld Technology of the Year for Information Management:

The First Shared Source Framework for MOSS 2007 using ASP.NET Ajax:

The First Second Book to feature SharePoint and ASP.NET Ajax:

The First Book to feature SharePoint and ASP.NET Ajax:

In case you missed it– our dev team just won the Technology of the Year award from InfoWorld!

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